Tuesday, 12 July 2011

An Invitation

Come! Come! Come!
Come along with me on this journey of reflection

Photo Journal for Reflection is born from the concept that nothing in the world has an inherent meaning of its own, rather it is an individual’s consciousness that breaths meaning into something for oneself. Until a person is exposed to a particular image, sound, object, landscape… it remains a blank canvas waiting for that individual to experience a sensation from and attach a self-fitting meaning to.

What one views as inspirational, another sees as disturbing because its meaning is only created by the one viewing it in that moment. Once this is understood what follows is a state of mind that perceives the world as endless opportunities and possibilities that one simply must create for oneself. It is not the world that creates us, but we that create the world. 

I invite you on this journey to start reflecting on the photographs and to celebrate with joy every thoughts that comes from within.